Doggy Commute

Personal Chauffeur Service to Walkies

The dog walking service will take place at 11am & 2pm dependant on the needs of your dog.  Whether one walk or two, each walk will be an hour long so your pups can expect lots of running, playing & sniffing.  I will collect & drop off your dog ensuring that they are safe & sound at home ready to snuggle up to you on your return from work. The Pupmobile is kitted out with the finest bedding to keep them cosy en-route.  This is a great way for your dog to meet some other furry pals & get rid of some of that energy our dogs have to, burn.

Discounts will be applied to those dogs taking part in both walks & dogs joining us for 5 days a week.  I am happy to discuss all your dogs needs on my initial visit.

Pup Sleepover

5 Paw Hotel

We hate leaving our beloved companions when we go away, I know that.  Whether its a weekend or weekday, I am here to ensure you can enjoy your holiday / wedding / festival / weekend getaway knowing your dog is in safe, loving hands.  Having a day full of playing & walks, they will be able to enjoy a doggy beer and meat stick (not on school nights!) with me at home watching a movie together.  A big comfy sofa & plenty of blankets will be around along with their own dog beds & any comforters they need. I will always be with the dogs to make sure they are sleeping safe & sound so they don't get up to any sneaky mischief when the adults are away!

Playing 9 to 2

What a way to spend a day!

While we wait for the opening of Pup Cult Daycare, I will be providing daycare for a few dogs if needed.  A maximum of 3 dogs will be with me at home when we are not out walking.  The day will consist of the morning hour walk, lunch with me (and a nap for the dogs), second hour walk, before returning home to snuggle up on my sofa.  I will give them an additional evening stroll before the dogs are dropped off home.  We can, of course, discuss your dog's individual needs when we meet.  Feeding can be included in the daycare service if needed.