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Brighton & Hove & All Surrounding Areas


Doggy Commute

Personal Chauffeur Service to Walkies

The dog walking service will take place at around 11am & 2pm dependant on the needs of your pup.  Whether one walk or two, each walk will be an hour long so your dogs can expect lots of running, playing & sniffing.  I will collect & drop off your dog ensuring that they are safe & sound at home ready to snuggle up to you on your return from work. The Pupmobile is kitted out with the finest bedding to keep them cosy en-route.  Everyone loves the feeling of relaxing at home after a busy day.  Why should your dogs be any different?

Pup Sleepover

5 Paw Hotel

We hate leaving our dogs when we go away, I know that.  I am here to ensure you can enjoy your holiday / wedding / festival / weekend getaway knowing your trusted friend is in safe, loving hands.  Having a day full of playing & walks, they will be able to enjoy a dog beer & meat stick with me, at home, watching a movie together.  A huge comfy sofa & plenty of blankets will be around along with their own dog beds & any comforters they need. I will always be with the dogs to make sure they are sleeping safe & sound so they don't get up to any sneaky mischief when the adults are away!

Playing 9 to 5

What a way to spend your day!

While we wait for the opening of Pup Cult Daycare, I will be providing daycare for a few dogs if needed.  A maximum of 3 dogs will be with me at home when we are not out walking.  The day will consist of 2 hour walks and 1 evening stroll before returning home to ready for your arrival.

A Little About Me

I'm Caroline, this is Rocky.  Together we set up Pup Cult.  I have grown up with dogs my whole life, all of them have been rescued.  Rocky is the only dog I have had, knowing his full background, since a puppy so I am experienced at handling dogs of all different shapes & sizes, temperaments & ages. Whether your dog is the chatty one, the shy one, the anxious one, the rebellious one, the playful one or the chilled one, I will accept and care for them all.  Find out more on my About page.


Woof at Me

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